Posted by: cclmissionsblog | May 17, 2008

Update from Pastor Troy & Team

Just received a cell phone call from Pastor Troy. He gave me the following updates;

Internet connections are VERY, VERY, VERY bad, that is why we have not updated the blog.

The whole team is healthy, doing great, and are EXTREMELY BLESSED.

The Lord has truly, opened doors wide for ministry. EVERYWHERE the team has gone they were warmly welcomed, graciously thanked, and welcomed back for further ministry.

The Jesus Film was successfully shown in the village last night. The village invited another village. OVER 400 IN ATTENDANCE, with a large number responding to the altar call!!! Minor technology glitches were overcome, successfully.

The team is looking for a Nepali dialect version of the film to reshow it tomorrow night. Pray that the team can find a Nepali dialect version.

Pastor Troy spoke at the Sunday service at a church in Karkavitta, great reception.

The Elam pastor’s conference went great.

Transportation strike is over. Travel will be much easier.

Due to the transportation strike the team had to take rickshaws as transportation. Minor problems grew from this. Several of the men were too big to ride in the rickshaws. Jamie’s rickshaw driver got injured – and Jamie ended up pushing his own rickshaw. And last but not least the team avoided a RIOT. For some reason, a riot broke out and the team rode off leaving the rioters to riot on their own?

Pastor Troy and Mike Babcock are off to Darjeeling to the second pastor’s conference.

The Open Hands home, and all the children are doing great. The children are well adjusted and are functioning as a caring, wonderful family. We were truly blessed to see how the Lord has used Calvary Chapel Lynchburg to love and care for these orphans in Nepal.

Continue to pray for health, strength, stamina, and transportation for the team menbers.

In His service,


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