Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | June 18, 2008


     Things have been very busy since we arrived in Kathmandu.  We are currently trying to secure our student visa.  Please pray for this process.  It involves a lot of running around that has to be done in a particular order.  After visiting the visa office we were sent on our way with a handy-dandy to do list that looks like this:

Language To Do List

I know what you are thinking… How will this help us when we are trying to learn the language and can’t read it yet.  Thankfully we have Carl and Gina here to help us with all of the particulars and we also have a new found friend in Dikchhya who is able to translate for us.

On all other fronts assuming the position at the children’s home is going well.  We have been running the home solo every night into the morning.  We are learning a lot about each of them everyday.  Everyone here in the home has their good points and bad, but generally they are great kids.  It is hectic in the morning, but it puts a smile on my face when I hear little Sunni Maya’s voice singing and when I see everyone helping out with chores.  Please continue to pray for them.  They are such resilient kids to adjust to strangers this quickly.

With Love, 



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