Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | June 27, 2008

On Again Off Again

The kids are back in school today as they were off again yesterday.  When the news came that there would, in fact, be school today the house was filled with smiling faces!  No bonda!  It seems that anytime anyone wants something their way here they just throw a transportation strike that cripples the entire city so that the government has no choice but to make a change, and fast.  Just another reminder for Isaac and I to constantly be in prayer for this country.  

On a lighter note, the home has discovered a pair of kittens and their mother living on the side of the house.  These are very welcomed guests because they will help to keep the rat population low.  Other than this the girls of the home are very excited just because they are so cute and lots of fun to watch.

Our Kittens

Aren’t they cute!  Ok, sorry, I guess this is the girl in me. Hope you enjoy the picture.

For now things are running quite smoothly and I know that this is because of the Lord and His provision for wisdom and strength.



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