Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Raju!

Yesterday the kids had a lot of fun getting ready to celebrate Raju’s birthday as he was the only one who had to go to school.  When he came home we had the cake with all the candles lit and the kids stood around and sung “Happy Birthday” to Raju.  He was very happy that we remembered his birthday.  He had even forgot himself until he was walking home yesterday!  Anyhow, everyone was very excited to have cake, especially because we had it before we ate dinner!  This didn’t stop our kids from devouring their beloved Dahl Bat though! (that’s lentils and rice) 

Everyone is back in school today.  Holding down the home-front looks like getting the laundry hung and dry and vacuuming the downstairs.  Other than this I can go over and clean the things that were missed by our little hands this morning.  I am impressed with the structure that we were left with here.  The kids know that right after they wake up chores begin.  They usually do a good job, but sometimes they need a little prodding.  For example, this morning I could hear Prakash Man laughing in the backyard and Raj Kumar speaking Nepali in an upset tone of voice.  When questioned what was going on, Kumar told me that Prakash Man was scaring him while they were supposed to be cleaning up the backyard.  “Okay boys, back to work.  No scaring Prakash Man.”  With two little nods they were back on track.  Luckily the kitchen is positioned in such a way that I can keep an eye on the boys in the backyard while making breakfast at the same time.

Back to work for me!



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