Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | February 4, 2009

Education Fair & A Birthday!

Hey Everyone!

The Education Fair was  a blast!  Everyone had fun… parents included.  What smart kids these are.  They made games that culminated what they have learned in the past year.  Some of them were easy, many were challenging, and all were fun!  

We also celebrated Suni’s birthday.  What a nice treat for her!  We don’t know when her actual birthday is.  So we improvised and decided to celebrate last night.  I made a cake and we got her some much needed new clothes.  When measuring how much she has grown since October we found out that she has added an inch!  As you can imagine the pants were lifting off the floor quite a bit.  She was so excited to have new clothes and a couple of toys!  What a surprise Birthday party!



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