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Annual Day at Pushpanjali

Hey All!

I know that right now my posts are really spaced apart, but please bear with me.  We still don’t have much electricity and recently I think that the office that controls ours has given up following the schedule!  As a side note, I will let you know that it has taken me all week to get this post ready to be published!   So as we have some electricity right now, I am going to tell you all about the Annual Day held at the children’s school Pushpanjali.  They celebrated their 25th academic year and put on a great show for us!  All of the children were involved.  Raju’s class sang 3 songs, Bibi and Raj Kumar’s group sang about 5, Suni and Prakash Man’s groups sang about colors and shapes, and Prakash Giri’s group sang a song and he was a member of one of the drama’s!  There were also quite a few speeches.  We witnessed that our children are going to a very talented and educationally excellent school.  Below are some pictures of our kids during annual day.

As you can see we enjoyed watching our children in this annual celebration.  There are a few videos that we captured from some of the other students.  They are posted on youtube, but for your ease of entertainment they are attached below!  The first video is of a traditional Nepali dance performed by the senior girls of Pushpanjali.

Here is Suni and Prakash Man’s class singing songs that are about the things that they have been learning.

Lastly, we recorded a clip of one of the girls singing a solo.  She has a disability, but it’s not going to hold her back!

Well…. I hope that you enjoyed Pushpanjali’s Annual Day!  Coming up later this week I’ll show you what cooking with Suni is like!  So keep checking!




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