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Here in Nepal a lot depends on transportation.  Though this is true of any country, I doubt any other faces the difficulties as can be found within this country.  Though it is roughly the size of Arkansas, it may take weeks for an import truck from India to make it to Kathmandu.  Recently there have been ongoing strikes in the Tarai region of the country (the Southern part) for months.  Isaac and I found out that for the month of February a new bandh started every day.  If you would like to read more about this there is a cite that has a record of all the bandh’s in Nepal (  We found this cite quite interesting.  It is for this reason that Isaac was not able to meet with the team that just came over to the Eastern boarder of Nepal and in India.  

Anyhow, there are quite a few different modes of transportation here in Nepal.  Here is a list we came up with: private cars, taxis, tempos, micros, charter buses, motorbikes, and of course the bicycle.  The only mode of transportation that is usually 100% reliable is your very own two feet!  We do quite a bit of walking around here.  In the video below, Isaac points out a few of these modes of transportation.

The flow of traffic is much different here as well!  We are used to lines and signals, but here it is every man for himself!  There is no such thing as a lane of traffic and people use their horns instead of their blinkers.  At first this can be quite overwhelming, but over time it becomes second nature to cross a street with motor bikes whizzing around you.  Here is a very short video of us making a crossing… any longer than this would be dangerous as you will see. 

I hope that this has been a good insight on transportation in Nepal.  Please keep checking our blog for another topic.  Coming up next… A Trip to the Market!




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