Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 25, 2009

A Trip to the Market

Trips to the market are quite frequent here and as you can see from above it is not your regular Kroger’s grocery store!  There is an outside market and an inside market.  The pictures above are of the outside market.  This is where you can buy all sorts of things.  Mainly there is clothing and fruits.  In one of the pictures I am looking at bangals, they are the glass bracelets that most of the women wear on their wrists usually twelve at a time.  In that same picture you can see the calf lying on the sidewalk before me.  This is usual for Nepal as the cows roam free around the city walking where they please and quite often sleeping in the middle of traffic.  

Anyhow, all of the prices in the market are not fixed, so this means that there is a hard core bargaining process that must happen with every item that you buy.  Automatically when they see that Isaac and I are foreigners, the price goes way up!  This is a little difficult to deal with sometimes, but honestly we are used to it now.  Isaac is so much better at this than I am!  

After crossing the street you enter the closed market where you can buy meat and vegetables.  I can remember that the first time I visited both the out and indoor markets I was overwhelmed by all of the smells.  Most of them were bad too.  Right next to where they sell the fruits is a big dumpster that trash is overflowing out of.  It is for this reason that I am so thankful the women wear shawls around their necks everywhere they go.  I just slip it over my nose when I walk by, for Isaac it is another ordeal.  However, some of the smells are good too.  They are a little harder to come by, but once you try to you can smell how fresh the vegetables are.  In the videos below Isaac and I captured a trip to the market for you.  I hope that you enjoy!




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