Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 31, 2009

Zoo & Prakash Man’s Birthday

cimg49741A few days ago we decided to take all of the kids to the zoo to celebrate Prakash Man’s birthday and to get out of the house.  He told us that it was the first birthday that he had ever celebrated.  We’re not sure about the actual day, but he was the last one to be celebrated so we thought this was a fine day to do it!  As you can see above we had a great time.  Not pictured are me and Bibi, we are more of the observing type.  Everyone else picked a spot as fast as they could.  So just in case you can’t tell who is what here you go: Isaac is an elephant, Prakash Giri is a deer, Raju is a bison, Raj Kumar is a bear, Prakash Man is a ram, and Suni is a wild pig!  How funny!  

As this is the only zoo of its kind in Nepal we saw quite a deal of animals.  I have put some of the pictures below for you.  Prakash Man had mentioned something before we went to the zoo about riding the elephant.  So we told him that since it was his birthday he could either ride on the elephant or he could pick out a toy for himself.  I’ll give you one guess…. he picked the toy.  He said the ride would only last for a few minutes and a toy would last for days!  What a wise little man.

I hope that you have enjoyed our trip to the zoo!  Later on that night we all came home and I made a cake.  Prakash Man decided that instead of momo’s he wanted to have hotdogs.  So we made a little bonfire and roasted them in the backyard.  What a fun day!


P.S. Isaac and I decided that it would be fun to post an excerpt each post from our Nepalese Customs and Manners book by Kesar Lall.  So here is one for today!

Do’s and Don’ts : Don’t blow out a lamp with your breath.  It is being disrespectful to the light.  Some people bring their palms together and hold them up in reverence to a lamp in the evening.  Also don’t light a cigarette directly from a lamp.


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