Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | April 16, 2009

Friendly Visits!

Hello All, 

As promised here is another update on what has happened over the break.  We had a couple of visits from some good friends.  The first visit was from Carl.  The kids were so excited for this visit that the week before they spent all of their time drawing pictures and writing letters for his whole family.  This was so great to see.  Carl and his family have had a lasting impact on these kids and it was so great for them to all get to visit again.  Raju, however had gone to visit his family when Carl and his team were done with their mission, so he did not get to visit.  He was still able to meet Carl though before they went to do their mission.  When the whole team got back we went to a favorite restaurant and everyone had a great time!  The kids had their fill of momo’s and Isaac and I had a chance to get some french fries!  So nice!


Just looking at this picture makes me want some naan (in the basket)! We had such a great time of fellowship.  It was also a great opportunity to ask any medical questions that we had.  What a blessing!

We also had the pleasure to host some friends from Calvary while they were visiting their family here in the city.  Travis and Shova and their baby came to stay with us for a few days.  They were also key in helping us find the best solar system for our house.  Since Shova is able to speak Nepali, she helped us to find the best fit as far as company and equipment goes.  The kids had a lot of fun entertaining their baby and were sad to see them go.  We had some refreshing fellowship together before they had to return to the states.  

What an eventful vacation for the kids!




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