Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | May 9, 2009

When in Nepal… Be Flexible!!

Hey Everyone, 

I just wanted to update the things that I had requested prayer for.  The electricians did figure out our power problem yesterday and we are up and running… when there is power.  Also, Isaac decided that due to the condition of the grass that we had, it was necessary for us to lay it out now instead of waiting for the team.  We didn’t want to risk losing it all before the team would be able to lay it down.  So… the Lord provided three people to help us today with all of the work.  I have to say that it feels good to sit here and just type. I can already tell that I will be sore tomorrow.  We are a little disappointed that the team wasn’t able to help us with it now, but I know that it is probably for a reason and that He has something else that He wants to accomplish with the time that we have saved them.  We make our plans… His will is done.  I am positive that something will arise to keep the team occupied during their stay.  Just another example of the need to be flexible.  Sometimes I think to myself in the morning, “What will this day be like?”  Sometimes you never know.  Daily our plans change here, that is the main reason why we ask for your prayers for this team as they come over, because usually plans change.  

Thank you all for keeping the future of this ministry in your prayers.  




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