Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | May 15, 2009

Team Update

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to give you all something to look at!  These are some pictures of the team while they were in Kathmandu.  Some of the pictures are of the team finishing up some yard work for us.  Suni was helping Andrew plant some bushes while the other men were moving a pile of dirt.  There is also a picture of us around the table folding 1,000 tracts to be distributed at the Jesus Film.  This is also what Mike and Ray are doing at the counter.  There is another picture of Patrick performing in front of a huge crowd of Nepali’s. The other picture is a little dark, but it is the best that we have of the actual showing of the Jesus Film.  

I talked to Isaac earlier today from Kakarvitta.  He said that everyone was doing well.  They had been out to the village to install a toilet for the community and they are almost finished with that project.  They also made all of the preparations that they needed to do to show the Jesus film tonight for the Rajbansi people.  They wanted to ask all of you to pray for this as they feel like there are many open hearts ready to receive what they are going to share tonight.  They also requested that I say to all of their wives that they love you all and miss you much!  I am praying with them that you will be comforted in their absence!  I know that the Lord will bless this time that you are separated for His glory.  Keep on praying!




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