Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | May 21, 2009

Update on the Trip

Hey Everyone,

Isaac here, I just wanted to share with you all about the events that happened out in the East with the team that was just here. The trip was a real success! It was such an awesome time of outreach with much fruit seen and unseen. Please join me in prayer for the new seeds that they would grow strong and deeply rooted in the Word, also pray for the leadership of the local churches that they would continue to faithfully tend to these new plants. I was so impressed with how great the team worked together and their selfless and flexible attitude deeply impacted me and many of the Nepalese that observed them.

The football games were also a great success. Our guys played hard and they put up respectable fight, and won their opponent’s respect and they were able to share their personal testimonials with them and the Gospel. There surely was a great impact on them.

The building of the toilet in the village really opened the eyes of the people there to how much Christians really care about them. It gave us a good opportunity to share the love of God.

I also was so pleased when Raju (the oldest boy in the home here; my disciple) decided that he wanted to be baptized. He asked me if I would baptize him and I gladly agreed. So he was baptized in a Rasbunchi village with the first believers of a new church there. I believe that this is a forshaldowing of his future in ministry. Please pray for him as he continues to grow into a minister of the Gospel.

I also had the chance to travel with Mike Babcock to the North in the hills near Illam to where Troy went last year, to encouage to some remote pastors and share with them my vision to train pastors like them in the remote village churches in these areas of Nepal and other countries. It was was excepted with much ethusiam and expectation. Please pray for more relationships to be built and more and more doors open to this work.

I want to presonally thank all those who came for their hard work and flexable attitudes. I look forward to ministring again with you guys, come back soon. Also thank you to all those who faithfuly scarficed and prayed for this trip to happen. The Lord moved very powerfully while they were here and he still is.

God bless!

Isaac Van Epps

Just a prayer request… I think I am dealing with a bout of Malaria.  Pray that the doctor would have wisdom in taking care of me.



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