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Anniversary Post!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday marked one full year since we have been in Nepal.  I can confidently say that Isaac and I have changed quite a bit over the last year of our lives.  Stepping out in faith felt so good, and the Lord has taken care of us every step of the way.  Looking back now I can see the many ways that God has worked in and through us.  To be completely honest, when we came here we were no where near prepared for what the year would bring, but the Lord was SO faithful to us and he did a mighty work.  We didn’t know what it would be like to be parents to these six Nepali blessings.  I am amazed as I look back and see the amount of grace that He poured out on us so that we could do His work here in the lives of these children and the community that we live in.  In the beginning it was difficult to see exactly where the Lord was working… life was very difficult.  Half of the kids didn’t speak any English and had only been in the home about two months before we came.  I can remember getting down on my knees and crying out to God for help…. and He did.   He bestowed a love in Isaac’s and my heart for these children that we couldn’t have on our own.  We saw them as He did… blessings.  


Over the last year we have been with them through the joys and the sickness, the hurts and the praises.  We have watched some of them come to full blossom.  Raju has grown by leaps and bounds in his walk with the Lord.  He has a strong devotion to the Lord and it is amazing to witness what He is putting on his heart.  Bibi has progressed from using a walker to running and jumping!  She looks like any other girl her age and is becoming such a lovely lady.  Her peaceful presence around the house presents such an example to the others.  Prakash Giri has grown FIVE inches since we got here last year.  He is always singing praises to the Lord and is hungry to learn more worship songs.  Prakash Man has really opened up.  In the beginning he wouldn’t talk very much, but now he is so talkative and loving.  He is very smart as well and even skipped a grade this year.  Raj Kumar is the servant of all… always willing to help someone when they haven’t even asked yet.  He exercises patience with Suni and was key to her development in the home.  Sometimes I would see him quietly take her by the hand and help her with whatever she needed.  Suni not only learned Nepali this year but she can speak a lot of English and understands everything that I say to her.  In the beginning I seriously thought she hated me and now she is like my shadow.  She is learning something new everyday and has become such a good little girl.  

I wanted to say all of these things to you so that you would know how your prayers have been answered.  I am praising God for all that He has done this year!  Your prayers have made all the difference to us in this home.  Please continue to pray for these children and for the direction of this home.  May the Lord’s will be done in the year to come.

Love to you all, 



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