Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | July 23, 2009

Answers to a Prayer

Hello All!

I have been praying lately for the Lord to help me write on here.  It seems that as life has become increasingly normal for me here there has been less and less that seems interesting enough to put up on here.  I appologize for this.  On normalcy, I would say that after a year of living here we have adjusted well to the culture and to life being a foreigner and all.  As I prayed this prayer it seemed that an abundance of things came my way that were “worthy” in my mind to share with you all! 

First off, the kids have finished another round of testing as first term has ended and the results are in!  All of the children made it into first division (the only exception being Suni) which is an improvement for some.  Raj Kumar and Bibi both made first in their respective classes, this means that they both scored the highest on the majority or all of the different tests.  Raju improved his science and math scores by leaps and bounds!  Prakash G. and Prakash Man both did an outstanding job.  We are so proud of them all! 

Also this week we witnessed what is said to be the century’s longest Solar Eclipse on Wednesday morning!  Although covered by clouds the eclipse was still visible.  The kids were very excited, though I have to wonder if it was more for the fact that they got the day off of school because of it.  Hmm?  Anyways, the day turned out the be quite progressful because everyone got their hands dirty and fixed up the yard. 

Now that the outside of our home has gotten a little touch up, we are continually rearranging things on the inside to prepare for a 1 year old to be living with us!  We are so excited that Nanda and Lisa will be here with us a week from tomorrow!  Please keep them in your prayers as these last few days can be quite stressful.  Also keep praying for their nephews here.  Kumar and Prakesh talk about their arrival everyday and have been counting down the days.  While they understand that their uncle and auntie love them very much, they are still a little nervous.  I assured them that they don’t need to change, but just to be themselves and to pray.  Everyone in the home is excited to meet them and Maya!

Finally, I had a bit of an experience today as I was out in the city with a family we are friends with.  Travel can be quite difficult here at times and when there is a bandh it seems very near to impossible!  As we tried to get to our destination we were forced to get out of our taxis twice and walk.  On the second occaision we were stampeded by a huge crowd of crazy micro drivers… followed by Police men waiving their batons.  We all quickly hugged the wall as everyone passed us.  Talk about being in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  I am so thankful to say that there were no injuries and that even though we were all shaken up a bit, we were all fine.  Praise the Lord that we were protected today!  This was a first experience for me that I don’t think I am willing to have again, but I know that no matter what happens here the Lord is always with me!  I think maybe this is the last time I pray for the Lord to help me find something to write about 🙂

I love you all and thank you for praying for us!



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