Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | August 23, 2009

Praise Report

Dear All,

I know that there have been quite a many of you personally praying for the healing of Bibi Maya.  Today she had her final appointment with the doctors after having taken meds for the last 18 months.  After examining the results of the many tests they performed today they decided that she has been completely healed of TB.  She will have to come back for a check up every six months from here on out, but this is a small matter in Bibi’s eyes.  Tonight we had a time of prayer and praise!  She completely recognizes that Jesus healed her of this disease and is so happy!


On a side note the doctor, having never seen this senario play out this way, wants to take pictures of Bibi’s x-rays so that he can use it while teaching his students!  Isaac was sure to tell him who we credit this miracle to, but all he would say is that is what you think.  The facts speak for themselves though.  The Lord will bring glory to Himself through healings and we have already seen this at work in the lives of other Nepali people who have come in contact with Bibi. She gives Him all the glory and praise and the Lord is letting his light shine bright!

Love in Jesus,




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