Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | October 4, 2009

India Team Update

this is our team hereHello, friends and family!

We are all safely moved to Siliguri, India and are doing well. It is very hot and humid here, so we are adjusting. We are so thankful to finally be here. We’re excited about what the Lord is going to do. He is already bonding us closer to our nephews more and more each day. We have waited a long time to meet and raise them, and finally here we are. Prakesh is now 13 and Kumar will be 11 on Oct. 13. They are so helpful and obedient and show so much love and kindness to Maya.

We are very thankful to CCL Open Hands Home, to Carl and Gina, and Isaac and Eva and all the others who came on short trips and were a part of discipling and caring for Prakesh and Kumar until we could get here. We feel very honored to finally be able to raise and love them.

We (the Giris) and the Van Epps are all moved into our apartments now. We live about 15 minutes apart. We all seem to enjoy our new homes.

We are planning to start a Bible Study in our home this Wednesday and then a church fellowship on Oct. 18. Please pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit for Nanda as he teaches and for guidance to all of us as we reach out and get to know local people.

We are very excited to have Ps. Troy and Gene Jackson coming soon. We look forward to spending time with them and to plan for the next step in the ministry here.

God bless you all,




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