Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | October 22, 2009

Present team update

Hi, all!

We are so thankful to have Ps. Troy and Gene here with us this week. The whole gang left this morning for a teaching journey up in the mountains. Ps. Troy, Gene, Nanda, Isaac and their friend, Josiah, will be in three different locations over the next 3 days sharing wisdom from God’s Word. We are told that some pastors have traveled for 3 days to be a part of this.

They will also be sharing about their plans for selecting pastors to be a part of the specific training that is currently being put together back in Lynchburg.

Please pray for their safety, the Holy Spirit’s leading in the teaching and translation, and that the Lord will show them specific people who are earnestly seeking Him and will be serious about taking part in the training program.

Everyone is well, but we can definitely see Satan at work. Please pray for God to do a mighty work not only through us, but in each of us as well. As Ps. Troy put it to us, we are on “Satan’s playground.” Thank the Lord that He is in control and that the enemy is already defeated!

love in Jesus,




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