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Giri update

Hello from India! We are becoming better adjusted here and things seem to get a little easier all the time. It is FINALLY getting cool here. It was unbelievably and unusually hot here, according to locals, in October! The boys, Maya, and I went and bought blankets today.

The boys are learning fast with the help of their tutor. Since the school year was already halfway finished, and because they are so far behind in school for their age due to living in a remote village, we are trying to get them caught up. We are using the books that are used locally, and we are going through them at their own pace, and then plan to get them into school when the new year begins. We are very thankful that they catch on fast. As Kumar said, “We don’t want to have white hair while we are still in high school!”

Maya will be 18 months old next week! She says over 30 words now and is starting to put words together. She loves to figure out how things work and put things together. She absolutely loves having the boys around and loves when Kumar plays frog and horse with her. He is like her personal playmate at her beck and call. She has quite a strong personality! Maya continues to love people and it is such a blessing that everywhere we go, she opens the doors for us to talk to people with her smile and “helloo.” She says it like the locals do with a little bit of a British influence.

We continue to learn more and more about ourselves and each other as we simply live here. The Lord is so good and patient with us to teach us all that we need to know in His perfect timing. It continues to amaze me how He knows exactly what we need and the kind of mate that we need. And even though “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” the Lord gives us the strength and knowledge to speak the same language through Him!

Speaking of language, I (Lisa) have begun Nepali language tutoring this week. There is a Nepali college student just next door who agreed to teach me. I have my first “test” on Thursday on household words. I am so looking forward to learning the language. I know that it will help us in the ministry; I will be able to understand and communicate with many more people, and it will be wonderful to know my husband’s mother language.

After attempting to see three different doctors here locally, we have decided that it is necessary to have Nanda’s medical care done in Bangkok, Thailand. The first doctor didn’t show up (twice). Second, when his blood was drawn, not only did they prick his finger with a knife, yes a knife, but when the blood splattered on him and the technician, the guy took his handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped the blood. Thirdly, the local Nephrologist didn’t understand Nanda’s medicines and pushed on his kidneys so hard until it hurt. He said that he was trying to “feel the kidneys.” All that being said, Nanda arrived in Bangkok this evening. He will be seeing “one of the best Nephrologists [kidney doctor] in Asia.” We are praying for a full healing so that we don’t have to spend the time and money to travel that far for medical care. But in the mean time, thank the Lord that this doctor is available. Also, we found Nanda’s medicines here, which is an answer to prayer!

We are excited about a team coming from CCL in January to launch a first round of teaching a particular curriculum to Nepali pastors. This training will focus on uneducated pastors who have a heart to serve and teach. This first training will be in Illam, where Mike, Vernon, Nanda, Isaac and others have ministered in the past. We look forward to seeing what God will do!

Prayer requests:
1. For the boys and Maya, for their health and growth, for wisdom for Nanda and I to be Christ-like examples to them. Also, that the boys will continue to become closer to us and feel a sense of belonging to our family. And overall, for a family that pleases and brings glory to God.

2. Lisa’s language learning- a little scary, but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

3. Nanda’s trip to Bangkok, for safety, healing, wisdom for the doctor, and for wisdom for Nanda to know if he should become established with this doctor and continue his treatment there. He would have to go every 3 months for a check-up for his kidneys.

4. The work being done on the curriculum and for the 15-20 pastors who will participate in this first year long training, for the team coming in January, for Isaac and Nanda’s work here in choosing the pastors, locations, and doing most of the teaching.

5. For all the people that we meet and talk with every day, that we are salt and light to, from the taxi drivers to the gate keepers. Many people who are “untouchables” share their hearts with Nanda as he, “a Brahman” or priest class, shows them love and compassion. We are building relationships in which Nanda has opportunities to share the Gospel quickly and accurately because He knows their language and culture. Please pray for their understanding and that the Lord will reveal His truth to them.

Thank you all for your love and prayers and for your financial support. We need you in order to do what we are doing! Let us know how we can pray for you also. We are always encouraged by any and all communication from our friends and family!

We love you and praise God for you!
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