Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | January 28, 2010

Ministry Update

The Lord did a great work in Nepal earlier this month. We enjoyed having Mike, Mark, and Jamie here with us for a few days. The five day seminar was fruitful, and 22 pastors participated. This was the first of the year and a half long course.

Early in the mornings, before the classes begun, the guys went into local villages and witnessed. Four people got saved! There was an older couple, their grandson, who was very angry at first and then was softened by the Holy Spirit and said the next day, “I want to become a Christian, too.” Then there was the young man with TB. He was hopeless and was told he will definitely die. He was greatly encouraged and Nanda said after Jesus came into his life, the man visibly looked different, more lively and was smiling. Praise the Lord!The local pastor will be following up with them. Nanda will also see them when he is back for the next trainings.

It is so amazing to hear some of these pastors’ testimonies. Some of them have been through some horrific things and now God has brought them into such victory!

God continues to teach us as we teach others and we praise Him for that!




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