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So we had to leave India for 2 months due to new Visa laws. Since then, let’s see… Nanda’s brother came and picked up the boys. Nanda, Lisa, and Maya went to Thailand, had Nanda’s routine medical check-up, which turned out fine. Then, a 13 hour train ride to Chiang-Mai to stay with friends for 3 weeks.  Glenda has just been healed of cancer, praise the Lord! It was an amazing time of rest and rejuvination for us.

Then off to Nepal for the next 5 weeks. We have 4 weeks left before we return to India. Everyone is doing fine. We are staying busy homeschooling the boys in order to catch them up before returning to school back in India. In between school work, we are going to the river to take baths and wash clothes when water doesn’t come, collecting water from a well, walking 30 minutes to church, and all along the way Maya is loving seeing all the animals, babies, and “didi and dai,” big sister and big brothers. I think everyone is this village knows Maya by name now.

Nanda and the boys went to a village about an hour away and told many people about Jesus and gave them tracts. Every one of them that they talked with said that they had never heard about Jesus. Several were interested to hear more! The boys said that this was the first time they had explained the Gospel, and they were excited.

I (Lisa) am expanding my Nepali language skills. Not only are we in a Nepali village where only some of the children speak very little English, we are staying in Nanda’s brother’s home, 10 of us. I am the only American, so every day, every task is a learning experience. My sister in law’s niece has taught me several Nepali worship songs.I am also learning how to cook good Nepali foodfrom the ladies.

I taught Sunday School the last 2 weeks to a group of about 20 Nepali children. I taught them several “motion” songs. It was so funny. I had to be careful because every single move I made, they copied, even when my leg itched! They thought it was just part of the song!

The pastor of the church runs a children’s home in their own home. They have 18 children including 2 of their own. Their strength and endurance amazes me, as they started out with 5 children as soon as they got married, which was 10 years ago. The wife was only 20 and it has grown from there. Several of the kids have grown up and now attend Bible college and other college programs. These children made up most of the Sunday school class. We visited their home and the kids wanted to sing the songs I had taught them.

A prayer answered!!  Nanda spoke to his brother on the phone. It had been 20 years since they spoke! He among the rest of the family had disowned Nanda when he became a Christian in 1990. So you can imagine the emotion behind that phone call! Praise the Lord for this first of hopefully many conversations! We also spoke to Nanda’s mother on the phone. We are trying to figure out a way to see her, but it is very far away and very remote.

We thank God for your prayers and financial support! We miss our CCL family!

Lisa, for the family


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