Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Praise the Lord that the 7-day strike was lifted yesterday. The roads were opened up and vehicles are now able to pass, meaning children can go back to school and food can be delivered. I was getting concerned about how long it would last. As usual, the Maoists want to be completely in control of the country, so they decide when they want everything to be shut down.

We have had plenty of water for the last few days, Praise God! One thing gets better and something else goes wrong, as with lots of things in life. We are thankful for His provisions for us.

Nanda preached yesterday (Saturday church in Nepal) on “The fall of man.” I (Lisa) taught Sunday School about children God used in the Bible,  with my trusted translator, Kumar, of course.

This is my second Mother’s Day and I am so thankful that the Lord chose to give us Maya, Kumar, and Prakash. I hope all the mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day whether your children are with you, on the way, or with Jesus!





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