Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | May 26, 2010

Goodbye Nepal, Hello again India

Our two month stay out of India is coming to a close. We will be returning to India on Friday, May 28th. It has been a rich time with family, ministry, and language skills building for me (Lisa).

An interesting observation I have made here in Nepal is how innovative the people are. I realize that most of the things they do here are out of necessity, but it has been fascinating to me to see how the Nepali people use every day items. There was a boy playing what we know as horseshoes with small stacks of paper and stones. Then he and little sister jumped over and back and forth a piece of a tire for fun. Then there’s the piece of a rice sac used for scrubbing dishes, and it works for dirty boys, too (Kumar). I saw a large metal square on the end of a piece of wood used like a hammer, and it was being hit with a stone like a chisel.

Nanda’s brother’s landlord has a son who recently found out that he has a brain tumor. They are a Hindu family, and the man is in his 50’s. They have been searching for answers by way of witch doctors. Nanda, his brother, Tilak, and sister-in-law, Subina, had asked if they could pray with the man. At first, they were skeptical. They asked how much would it cost, what do we have to cook, how many people will come, how do we pray, etc. And after discussing as a family if it would be ok to pray, and realizing that it was free of charge, they agreed. Nanda, Tilak, and Subina, prayed and read scripture several times with the entire family. They are searching for answers and we are so happy to give them THE ANSWER. Also, the landlord’s wife, the man’s mother, went insane years ago when they lost their daughter. She literally lives in another world. How sad. Please pray for this family, that they will come to believe and know Jesus as their savior.

You can also pray for a safe trip back for us, that there will be no strikes to hold us up for hours, and that the Lord will give us strength as we will be returning to extreme heat and humidity that our bodies aren’t used to!

We appreciate your prayers!




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