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Peru Team Update, Sat., July 18, 2010, 7:30PM

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Wow…this has been pretty amazing.  Everyone is saying amazing things about our team and how well united we are and how much work we’re getting done for the body of Christ in Arequipa.

It’s really incredible, but there has not been one complaint this entire trip…and it has been a very draining trip.  Our first night here (it is close to independence day down here in Arequipa) there were what sounded like bombs going off at 11:00 at night and then again at 5:00am.  “Muy difficulto”.  But last night we finally got some great sleep and the kids are working so beautifully and like a tight knit family.  Everyone loves one another so much.  I have not seen too many mission teams like this one–it’s really amazing.

I have to go now…I really wanted to write earlier and write more now…you won’t belive how busy for Jesus we are…it’s really incredible all the work the Lord is accomplishing through this team.  The Macedonian call we received for Arequipa is truly being fulfilled.  We have had the chance, through Jesus’ power, to lead about 5 people to Christ including our bus driver and his wife!!!  Praise Jesus!!

We are leaving now for a coffee house rock concert.  Earlier today we did children’s ministry and Pastor Efrain, the Arequipa Calvary Chapel pastor, said that it was the biggest crowd of kids he’d ever had there at the park!!!  Praise Jesus!!!

What else???  the altitude is effecting us but not in a very bad way.  Some people, including me, have constant runny noses and dry skin, but no big deal compared to people getting saved.  Yesterday we went to a public square and many people were there and we did the skits and everyone clapped and Whitney Warner got to share what the skit was about and also Natalia and myself got to share.  They were nervous but God used them.  Everyone broke into groups and went witnessing at that square and it was a great bold experience for everyone.  Again, we are such a tight knit unit and everyone feels like one family–there is no disunity at all and everyone is so full of God’s Spirit.

The phone doesn’t work–sorry.  They said because it’s an American phone???  also, email is very challenging,

A team of 28 is challenging and we are always on the go and VERY tired.  But God is GOOD.

In Christ,
Mike Sadzinski



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