Posted by: cclmissionsblog | July 20, 2010

Peru Team Update, Evening 7/19

This morning started with the team having breakfast at 6:30, from there we went to two different private schools. We performed all three skits for the kids and afterwards we explained the meaning of them. They were very welcoming to us. They took many pictures and ask for autographs (most people just signed their name and jesus loves you) We gave the little ones balloon animals and silly bands. 

After lunch despite being tired, we went to a park thinking we were going perform some skits. However, the police didn’t allow it. Then, we were tempted to leave to a different park, but we chose to stay and witness to people at the park. The Lord blessed us with many people coming to the Lord. Two young men inparticular stood out.  A team made up of  Whitney, Jenny (interpreter), Leanna, and Natalia were lead to share with them. Natalia gave her testimony and they thanked her. Christopher and Christian both were very receptive and asked if they could come to know Christ also!! They are both 17 years old. We all so happy! They thanked us for coming and told us that they would pray that God would bless us for sharing with them. We were all crying because it was so beautiful!!!

God is good and continues to bless us with opourtunities to reach the lost.   The team has great unity and the Spirit is clearly with us.  Please continue to pray.

Natalia H.



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