Posted by: cclmissionsblog | July 21, 2010

Peru Update, Tuesday July 20 2010

We are safe and sound here and trip has been incredible. Soooooo many people have gotten saved! Natalia, Leanna, our interpreter Jenny and myself led two 17 year old guys to the Lord yesterday at the park…it was so awesome. I would say over 50 people total have gotten saved, so awesome. I’ve picked up on so much espanol es loco! I’m talking with a slight Spanish accent now=) we all are haha, its hilarious i love it. I love every single person on our team very much,  were so tight. It’s gonna be bad and sad leaving them. Tomorrow is our fun day and we’re flying to Lima.  We’re gonna ride horses! I am in love with Arequipa it’s one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever seen.

Whitney Warner



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