Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | December 30, 2010


Preparing for another and the last CBT of this first session. I don’t see much of my husband these days, as he is buried in translation, in a race to the seminar date. But I am thankful for the strength and vision that the Lord has given him and so many from our church who are involved with CBT.

I am just thinking about how thankful I am today for so many things…for the peace of better adjustment to this part of the world, for our boys whom the Lord “brought from the East” while He “gathered [us] from the West,” for friends, family, and a church who care for us and stand with us in prayer through so many things.

It is too easy for me to become anxious when I think about the responsibilities of life, of teaching the boys and Maya, of being a Godly wife and example, and then I remember that it is not for me to do alone. The boys came to us with a background that I had nothing to do with, but the Lord has chosen for us to parent them and love them the best we can. I remind myself to stop being a perfectionist in everything, that I will never be perfect, and that I need to cling ever so tightly and closely to the Lord.

God put a song in my heart the other day:

It’s in Your Hands, Your wonderful hands,

All my worries, all my plans.

It’s in Your Hands, where I will go,

Today, tomorrow, It’s in Your Hands.

Help me Jesus, to rest in you,

It’s your peace, Lord, that sees me through.

You are the One, the only One.

I put my trust in you alone.

It’s in Your Hands, Where I will go,

Today, tomorrow, it’s in Your Hands.

Have a great day,



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