Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | January 31, 2011

Pondering Patience

Just thinking about some difficult things and how the Lord has used them to prune me. Do you ever think about how some people just bring out the worst in you? And if that person weren’t around or were different, that you could be a better person? I used to think I was a “good” person.” I mean, I was a social worker! I was always helping people! What I didn’t realize is that I have so much crud stuck way down in the bottom that it is almost invisible sometimes, but definitely there.

It’s those difficult people who bring all the crud to the surface. And I’m beginning to realize that the Lord places some people in our lives for that very purpose, to bring up all the crud so that He can mercifully scrape it away. How else can we be filled by Him and used by Him to the fullest?

I believe He allows us in some situations until WE ourselves react differently, not always waiting for the other person to change. So, thank you, Lord for the patience you are producing in me.



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