Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 9, 2011

Hurting World

There are so many hurting people everywhere! All I have to do is go out of our front yard. I have been taking Maya across the dirt road to play with a baby she has come to enjoy, named Dicha. There are several related families living in the same house and none of them are Christians, yet. Three of the women are “interested” to know more about Jesus. So we had our first gathering at our home this past Saturday to tell them more. The three women came and brought their three children.

I go almost everyday and have been building relationships with these women and children, and their husbands when they are there. We have tea, talk about our families, and play balloons with the children. There is one sister who I’m sure has mental retardation and is also deaf. I found out that out of eight adult siblings, three of them are deaf. The one lady named Chowdy loved the balloon! She smiles a lot of the time, but today was the first time I had seen her really laugh.

I walked back across the road to go home and there sitting on the shop bench just in front of our home was a lady smoking a homemade cigarette. She had a big, swollen, purple eye. And much sadness in her eyes. I walked by at first, feeling that I wanted to talk to her, but my Nepali is still so limited, what could I say? So I said what I knew. I asked her if she was ok. She just looked at me. And I said, “Your eye, are you ok?” She said something in Nepali, but with her hands motioned that someone had hit her. I said, “Your husband?” And she started to cry. She showed me a bite mark on the upper part of her breast. And she continued to cry. I asked about alcohol, and she confirmed that he drinks. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her, “I’m sorry,” in Nepali.

A few minutes later, I met two of her daughters. She said she has five children. With the help of Prakash, our 15 year old nephew, I invited her to our home on Saturday to hear about Jesus. She said that her daughter is a Christian and that she and her daughters will come on Saturday.

Please pray for this lady, her name is Maya. Pray for protection for her and her children and that they will all come to know the love of Jesus.



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