Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 12, 2011

Saturday Update

It’s funny how things work out totally different than you expect them to. We had the second Bible study at our home today. We were expecting the three ladies and their children from across the road, the lady I just met the other day who had been abused by her husband, and another neighborhood couple whom Nanda had met when he rushed the husband to the hospital with blood sugar in the 20’s.

The only ones who came was the wife and daughter of the diabetic man. They heard the gospel clearly and were told what they needed to do to be saved. The husband was “with his friend,” the one family across the street “had to go to the market,” and the baby’s mother had to travel home due to her brother dieing. I am beginning to realize why Peter said that women could win their husbands through their behavior. It seems easier to get women together to hear God’s word or come to church. The women’s section in the third world countries I’ve been in is usually much bigger than the men’s.

Besides sharing the gospel with this Hindu lady and her teenage daughter, we were able to minister to Chowdy. She’s the lady who lives across the road with mental retardation and is also deaf. I invited the whole family, but when no one else was coming, she decided to walk by herself over to our house! Her feet and hands are constricted and she almost fell. I had to run out and catch her to help her. But you could tell that she was so happy to come! I honestly don’t think she has been out of her gate for probably years. People like her are deemed worthless here, even by her own family. I have never seen her family talk to her, except her deaf sister. They have their own way of communication, even though neither of them have ever been to school. Since there was no way she could walk up the steps to our second floor home, I decided that I would share with her right there where she had plopped down on the front steps. I gave her juice and cookies, and ran and got Maya’s first picture Bible. I was going to simply share and pray that she would get something, but the 78 -year- old grandmother downstairs who has only been saved for a few years, told her what the pictures were about. Chowdy can read lips enough to get some things. I also told her in Nepali that Jesus loves her, and she pointed to herself and mouthed her name. I thought that was beautiful.

I helped her wash up a little and the grandmother gave her some pretty bracelets to take home. I don’t think her family ever helps her to bathe or brush her teeth. I gave her a toothbrush and she brushed her teeth. I walked her home and I was so thankful at that moment. I am thankful for the opportunity to show Chowdy God’s love, but also to show her family that Chowdy is an important person. And not to mention all the neighbors who watched me walk arm in arm back across the road with Chowdy, the dirty, deaf lady who they see sitting in the same place every day in her yard.

I told Kumar to remember that today what we did for Chowdy is much more important than if ten people had come to our house for the Bible study. I pray that the Lord will keep all of our eyes and hearts open at all times to the people He would have come across our paths each day, even when we have other plans.




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