Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 20, 2011

Sita’s Tika Fell Off

This Saturday, only one person showed for the fellowship at our house. But I can see how the Lord strategically brings each person for His purposes. This time, a lady named Sita came with her baby boy. She is probably in her late 40’s and has 6 children, some of them grown.

Nanda asked me to take the lead this time. I explained to her a brief synopsis of creation to Jesus while our older nephew, Prakash, translated. She said that she wanted to believe and be a Christian.  She agreed to pray and repeat after me, and when I said, “Amen,” and opened my eyes, her tika was gone! I saw it in her lap! (This is the red dot on the forehead that represents the Hindu religion.) I’m not kidding! It came off at the exact moment that she prayed to accept Jesus. Amazing!

Traditionally, this has been a painted dot or circle, but these days many women buy the sticker kind. Sita had her baby in her lap while she was praying, so most likely the baby pulled it off, but I believe with all my heart that God used her baby to take the tika off! It was just amazing timing!

Pray for Sita and her family, that Sita will grow in the knowledge of the Lord and for the rest of her family to come to know Him.





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