Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 29, 2011

“I’ll Talk to My Husband”

Two ladies, Paru and Deepa, came to our Saturday fellowship. They live across from us and are Chowdy’s sisters-in-law. They both say they are interested in Christianity, and Deepa says that she has wanted for a long time to be a Christian. Both said that before they make the final decision, they have to talk to their husbands.

The fact that they have to talk to their husbands before becoming Christians is very cultural. These two ladies, as well as Indida, the lady whose tika fell off when she prayed, are coming tomorrow for a women’s Bible study. I had previously said the women with whom I prayed to accept Jesus is named Sita, but somehow I misunderstood, and her name is Indida.

Another missionary here, Cary, and I decided to start a women’s Bible study with these women. My friend, who knows Nepali quite well, will tell a Bible story in Nepali. Then, we will make pictures on one hand and wrist to illustrate the story. We will also do their hands if they want us to. The red coloring used to make beautiful designs on the hand and arm is called “henna.” It is usually used when someone gets married or is going to a wedding or festival. Cary had come across this story telling through henna and is translating Bible stories into Nepali. The henna lasts for about a week and the purpose would be so that the women can in turn tell the story from their hand illustration.

Please pray for us tomorrow and each Wednesday as we strive to share with these ladies. And pray that more will want to join. We are excited about this!

Also, pray for Nanda; he is in Pokhara this week teaching a group of young Bible students on “missions and evangelism.”




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