Posted by: cclteams | May 30, 2011

Russia update – 5/30/11

Today the team traveled to do street evangelism in Sobinka. Once there we divided into 3 teams and split up. For the next 2 hours we handed out tracks, the Gospel of John & some New Testaments. Along the way Ray met a nice drunk man (Nicholai) who he shared a hug and kiss on the cheek with (in fact the man’s smell remained on him all day reminding him of that fond moment). Afterwards we all met up for lunch and then fellowship at Ilya’s & Kshusha’s flat for a while. Around 1:30 the ladies stayed to have a women’s study and the men traveled 30 minutes to Stavrova to do evangelism there. We stayed there until around 5 and ladies stayed in Sobinka until 9ish. All in all many people heard the Gospel and so we just pray they respond in faith. Those that said they accepted Christ we pray will walk with Him. Roma is Vladimir’s version of Billy Graham and a great encouragement to us all. In fact, those paired with him spend less time sharing and more time praying as he speaks because it is easier sometimes just to let him go at it! Obviously there is still a real need for laborers in Russia and as Calvary Chapel Lynchburg, we are a blessing to them as we continue year after year to serve alongside them and help with needs. Tomorrow should be a full day of evangelism in Sobinka. We are grateful for your prayers and ask that you would continue to pray for us.

~Mike Massey



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