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Russia Update – 6/1/11 and 6/2/11

For the past two days, our primary focus of ministry has been at the main park that overlooks the whole valley region of Vladimir. Here many people come just to sit and relax. This slower pace of life within the busy city allows for us to talk with the people for a while and to speak with all ages. On Wednesday, some of the group experienced a ton of spiritual warfare and felt like they were hitting a brick wall with the people they shared with. It didn’t help that we couldn’t generate a crowd to perform the drama we had ready but we did it anyways. After Ray took the team aside for prayer it seemed things became easier in the afternoon. Today (Thursday) people were much more receptive to the Gospel. Half of the team (Jodi, Ray, Angie) blew up heart shaped balloons for the kids by the playground and passed out tracks, while the other half (Tanner, Mike, Darrell) shared again inside the park. One highlight of this time for me (Mike) was sharing with a group of about 10 teenagers the Gospel with Roma and seeing them all say they prayed to receive Christ. We now pray the seed grows in good soil. Those making balloons saw everything go like hotcakes and they had to be pulled away to be able to go to lunch. Brittany (American missionary) and her kids have been a huge help in translating and helping us evangelize. It has been a blessing for us as a team to here their trials of being missionaries here while much of the American church has lost interest in Russia, and yet see their faithfulness to serve and God’s faithfulness to provide even though giving is really low. Pray for them (her husband is Jason) as they continue to serve the Lord here in Vladimir. 

On Wednesday night, Darrell was able to teach the service at Vladimir and shared mainly from Matthew 5 on the sincerity of people’s faith. It seems the main focus of our teachings for the people (including a story I was asked to share before Darrell taught) was to exhort them to continue to share the Gospel though the ground may be very hard to plow (maybe something the American church needs to hear too) and that we aren’t called to see “results” but to be faithful ambassadors of this gospel message that we have been called to be! Tanner was also asked to share in music during the service while Angie also shared/led the children’s ministry and it has been a real blessing to see the Lord use each and everyone of the team members with the gifts/talents they possess.

Tonight, we originally planned to do a soccer outreach but it was too crowded to get in to play soccer (which was probably good since none of us are soccer players and we may have embarrassed our entire country thus being disallowed from returning to the States). Instead we went around sharing the Gospel and inviting people to come watch our drama. Many did watch our drama and afterwards Roma shared with all who watched. All in all the Lord has been faithful to use us though we are the weak and the foolish (1 Corinthians 1:26-31) and we simply say слава богу (praise God).

Tomorrow we plan to do one last day of outreach at the park and then divide to partake in home fellowships happening around the city. Again, thank you all for your prayers as they continue to be heard!

Til the whole world hears,

~Mike Massey


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