Posted by: cclteams | June 3, 2011

Russia Update (final) – 6/3/11

Today the team divided into three parts with one team going back into the park and the other two teams heading to different parts of the city, all handing out tracks and sharing the Gospel. We did this until 2:00 PM today so we would have more time of evangelism before home fellowships.

After lunch we packed and cleaned the church before dividing into 3 groups and heading to various homes for dinner and home fellowships.

The team will be waking up in 4 hours to travel to Moscow to catch the plane, thus beginning the 28 hour journey to return to Lynchburg. We haven’t decided if we will leave any of the single people (Tanner or Angie) here as missionaries until Troy or myself returns for the November conference so those of you reading this blog will just have to greet us at the airport to find out!

We have had an amazing time and all feel it was too short (but much was accomplished). Continue to pray for Russia and the seeds that were sown. We have brought the church here much encouragement and Pastor Pasha thanks you for the prayers and sends all his love!

~Mike Massey



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