Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | June 14, 2011

More “Life in Nepal”

Praise the Lord for the faithful ones from our church who went to Russia. It is so good to hear your updates.

I also praise God for His protection here in Nepal. But, why does it seem like everytime husbands are away, lots of things go wrong? I know many can relate. I have heard you tell stories of all the things that happened especially when your husbands are on a trip for the Lord. Nanda has been gone 2 weeks of the month for the last 3 months. And it never seems to fail! The day before yesterday, Maya woke up with her eyes so swollen that she could not open them. She was saying that they hurt. I immediately took her to the Doctor, who told me to go to the hospital (the private doctor is usually faster, and I have found a good one.) So we went to the hospital, and after waiting for over 2 hours, Maya had to go to the bathroom. By this time, it has now been 3 hours since she woke up, and she still has NOT opened her eyes! So we’re in the bathroom and she suddenly opens her eyes. I brought her out and she says completely on her own, “Jesus healed me!” That is always so encouraging to me as a parent to know that she is getting it! So we still saw the doctor, since her eyes were still just a little swollen at that point. The doctor so wisely said that it’s either an infection or allergy and wrote for an antibiotic eye drop. I did not give her the med, because it is not an infection, no redness, no draining, etc. It is difficult to know here because the doctors don’t discuss much with you or even tell you what the medicine is for usually. I have to ask a lot of questions and research the internet. She was completely fine at that point and I think it was just an allergy, probably to dust.

Then, yesterday, I was hit by a motorcycle! Yes, Maya and I were walking, and thankfully I was holding Maya at that moment, and thankfully the guy was not going very fast. His front wheel hit the back of my leg and knocked us down to the ground. The sad thing is that he never even looked back! I am very thankful that we got out of that with just a bruise on the back of my leg, and Maya was hardly phased. I sat on the ground for a second after the fall just watching to see if the guy was going to stop and to collect myself, and Maya says, “Mommie, what happened?”

Oh and last week when Nanda was gone, Kumar got a really bad gash at school on his shin; I was afraid that he would get tetanus, so he got a shot and an antibiotic. So that has been my week so far since Nanda has been gone. At other times, we have run out of gas for cooking and had a hard time to get it; Maya fell on the steps and busted her chin open. In India, I got 3 reoccuring, extremely painful boils inside my ear when he was gone once. I know these are all just “life,” but it just makes things a little more difficult when you have to deal with them on your own. I elected to stay in today for fear of something else happening!

As I am writing this, there is a nice tune being played by a guy on a flute nearby. It is actually quite relaxing.

Just a reminder to lift each other up in prayer, especially the ones trying to “hold down the fort” while the spouse is gone!

“This has been a year of battle, but thank God, of
victory, and we are nearer the Crowning Day this morning than ever we were before.” (Amy Carmichael)

Looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family in a little over 2 weeks!




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