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Haiti Team, July 6th Update

Wow, what a day.  We drove about an hour down the coast to another village today.  The sights were astounding.  Wave from the beautiful Caribean blue waters crashing on the sandy beaches.  It is hard to believe that this country is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

When we stepped out of the trucks at the church today, the air was vibrant with the voices of children as they sang while waiting for us.  As we entered the church, we were speachless.  In a building about 30’x60′ were around 225 children, all eager with anticipation of our arrival.  Every time one of the team members walked through the door and said “Bonjour”, the entire room errupted in unison with “BONJOUR”.

Once we all assembled in the front of the room one of the children prayed.  Then we began our welcome by saying “Hello” in 7 different languages, with the children echoing each one.  Next, I was brought to tears as the children sang out in praise to God through song.  I have never in my life seen such joy and excitement.  I can’t wait to show the video.

We continued with sharing a the same Bible lesson we had shared in the previous churches during our trip, but we had to break the children into two groups because everyone could not reasonably fit into the building at the same time.  Even after a group took half the children outside, and the remaining children spread out, they still filled up the building.

It was such an incredible display of the hunger these people have for God’s Word.  As we left, we saw children 1/2 mile away walking home with the balloon hats that we had made for them.

We have all been changed.  God has shown us that there is no physical need that we can fill for them.  We see that we are the ones in need.  Thier hunger for food helps them appreciate every cracker that they have.  And thier hunger for God helps them appreciate every word of the Gospel that they receive.  I have come to realize how lacking I am.

Gene Jackson


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