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Russia Conference Update – November 5, 2011

I must say this has got to be one of the most powerful conferences I have ever been to when it comes to the Lord speaking to me through His Word & the various speakers. I went to give and teach and the Lord has used this to teach me and reaffirm my calling to me! I’m refreshed and ready to go.

My Russian has allowed me to go out on my own and travel to and from conference center by myself. Of course when you think you’ve “made it”, God likes to humble you. My first day here I was to meet everyone at the hotel for prayer (the Americans are staying at the Golden Ring Hotel but I chose to stay at church with some other Russians to save money and I like staying here anyways). Well somehow I misunderstood directions and walked a good 20 minutes in the wrong direction before stopping to ask a random Russian where the hotel was. I was way off and he wanted me to ride the bus with him. Well I knew at least where I was and the way back to the church so I declined. After getting back to the church, I was able to get ride with a missionary who happened to be at the church to there. I wasn’t too late and no one really worried…not sure if that is a sign they trust my Russian or just don’t care! Haha. I know my way around now and what buses to take so that saves on walking in cold.

I’ve also been blessed to hang out with a friend and mentor, Pastor Craig Hall from CC Fortuna CA. You can learn a lot from guys like him and he continues to inspire me to keep up with my Russian learning.

On the first day of the conference we watched a taped message from Pastor Rick Phelps from CC Lakewood, CA who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He has been at everyone of these conferences and is missing his first one. Very moving as he may be in Heaven soon. It reminded me of Paul’s final letter to Timothy and his last words. Please pray for him and his fellowship.

Tomorrow is last day of the conference and I’ll be teaching the morning devotional section so please pray for His Word to continue to move mightily. After the conference I will spend a day in Sobinka serving and sharing. That town is dear to my heart and the brothers and sisters there are becoming like family I have seen them so much now.

Keep praying, the prayers don’t go unnoticed!

~Mike Massey (Майк Мэсси)



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