Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | February 20, 2012

Nepal update

Nanda is currently teaching Calvary Bible Training (CBT) in four locations in eastern Nepal. This makes 7 locations total since 2009. But it continues on from there. One location is being taught by two of the pastors who completed the first CBT in Nepal in 2009. The pastors who completed the training are teaching what they learned to their congregations. Some have formal churches, some meet in small rooms in their homes.

In May, Ps. Troy is planning a trip here and we will conduct a pastor’s conference here in Dharan. This will include all the pastors who will have completed or are currently doing CBT, which should be about 130.

Nanda and some of the CBT pastors who have been assisting Nanda with teaching other CBT’s, are interested to do some church planting in remote villages. They are currently praying for specific locations that the Lord has put on their hearts where there are no churches and very few Christians. They have recently evangelized in these villages, and need to plant churches to support the on-going efforts to build God’s kingdom.

Please be in prayer for CBT, for the May pastor’s conference, for the church planting vision, and for our housing project which is underway.

Personal note: I have learned a secret, which is not really a secret at all. If we consecrate our wills fully to the Father, and bring every thought captive and into obedience to Him, then our emotions will follow. Lord, give us strength to do it!

May we all be in God’s perfect will today,




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