Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | March 22, 2012

House and Ministry Update

Hello, all-

We are doing well here in Nepal. The walls of our house are going up on the second floor now. They make things straight by using a small weight tied to a string. One part of me says, “Wow, cool!” The other part of me says, “Lord, help us!” (I guess this is the way things were done in older times and hopefully the houses weren’t too crooked!)

This week, my friend and I went to minister again in the river village. My friend told Bible stories with our nephew, Prakash, translating. We also got to see the little crippled boy, Sunkar, I mentioned last week. It was so great to see him smiling!

Nanda is 2 days away teaching in a village. Please pray for him and the pastors whom he’s teaching!

God bless you all,


(Please go over to see the full pictures, including Sunkar.)




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