Posted by: whereheisnotnamed | May 11, 2012

He cares for even the smallest details…

I have to tell you how our Father works. A few days ago, a pair of pliers came up missing from our small tool box we had brought from the states. Our oldest nephew was the last one who had it, and it was a BIG deal because nice tools are extremely hard to come by. And of course, there is the fact that we are trying to instill in them the value of things, plus responsibility. But after looking everywhere throughout the house, we had to give up on finding the pliers. Then, this morning, I get an email from a friend who is sending a package including “Swiss all purpose pliers with multiple tools built in. Had it for years and never used it.”

Only God can do that! What an amazing God who cares for all the details of our lives! It’s easy for us to get upset with our nephew for losing something, but I see now that the Lord had a higher purpose, to show us His sweet provision.
Praise the Lord!
What details of your lives do you see the Father’s hand?




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