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Giri’s Nepal update

ImageThis past week, we had another rich time at our visit to the river community. We visited Sunkar, the boy who is crippled whom I previously mentioned. He was sitting on his new mat we had given him.  We told the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion to wide-eyed little ones. The children are getting better at sitting and listening (candy can be a great incentive!) We also visited another crippled boy being raised by his grandmother, who is a Christian. However, she makes and sells alcohol to support her family! We are trying to encourage her to trust God and let her know that He can provide another way.

We are enjoying building relationships with these children and their families. We were saddened to find out that many of them do not attend school. Please pray for this community. They live hard lives and there is much alcoholism. Pray for God’s wisdom for us as we minister to their needs.

Nanda continues to press on with teaching Calvary Bible Training (CBT). He is in a village teaching as I’m writing. God continues to provide pastors who have already completed the course who ask him if they can go and help teach! This is a blessing, as Nanda is able to see first hand these pastors teaching what they have learned. It is also very helpful to Nanda as it is long hours of traveling and teaching that he doesn’t have to do alone! I am so proud of my husband and joyful to see what the Lord is doing through him!

Attached, is a picture of one of the newest groups of pastors in CBT. In the background, you can see their humble church building.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support!


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House and Ministry Update

Hello, all-

We are doing well here in Nepal. The walls of our house are going up on the second floor now. They make things straight by using a small weight tied to a string. One part of me says, “Wow, cool!” The other part of me says, “Lord, help us!” (I guess this is the way things were done in older times and hopefully the houses weren’t too crooked!)

This week, my friend and I went to minister again in the river village. My friend told Bible stories with our nephew, Prakash, translating. We also got to see the little crippled boy, Sunkar, I mentioned last week. It was so great to see him smiling!

Nanda is 2 days away teaching in a village. Please pray for him and the pastors whom he’s teaching!

God bless you all,


(Please go over to see the full pictures, including Sunkar.)



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Bare Feet and Smiles

Yesterday, a friend and I went to one of the poorest parts of town to evangelize. We gave tracts, band-aids, candy, and balloons. This community is built on land owned by the Nepali government, which is used by poor people who have no land. It is adjacent to the river, which is a dry pile of rocks part of the year and flooded during the other part. The tiny huts there are made of tin and bamboo.

We were greeted by many little, smiling faces. This was a great way for my friend to share the Gospel with this group of curious, barefoot children, who naturally gather into a crowd within seconds. They heard the name of Jesus, most for the first time, and of His great love for them.  As we walked down the path asking the Lord to show us where to go next, the air behind us was filled with giggles.

We met a lady named Ful Maya, and her children. Once she realized that we didn’t want money from her, she allowed us to pray for her throbbing toothache. She stated that she has been contemplating going to church. After some conversation, she was given Ibuprofen and we told her that we would visit her again.

The most memorable time yesterday was the few minutes we spent with Sunka, a 15 year old boy. His body is so deformed and twisted that his head is down near his hips, most likely from Polio. He sits on the porch of his family’s home all day, with his eyes pointed to the concrete because he cannot hold up his head. We discussed how lonely he feels sitting there while his brothers and sisters are at school. Yesterday, Sunka got to hear about a friend who is always there, always available. He heard about a God who sees him and loves him, whom He can talk with anytime. We prayed for him and I am thinking of ways to help Sunka to have a little better quality of life.

Please pray for this river community, for Sunka and for Ful Maya. Please also pray that God will enable and empower us to go and obey His voice as we plan to make this a weekly adventure to various neighborhoods.

With a grateful heart,


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Growing Hinds’ Feet

Hello, all-

I don’t have a picture of our house to share this week. Nanda is away teaching and he has the camera. He started a new location in a village in eastern Nepal on Sunday.

What I do have to share with you, however, are my thoughts.

I was reflecting upon our life here in Nepal. It is truly a marvelous life. And I don’t mean that in the sense of luxury, because anyone who is familiar with the third world knows that it is far from that. I mean it is a marvelous life to be in God’s will. We may not be acutely aware of this during the frustrating moments, but overall, knowing that we are in our Father’s hands, and that it is He who works in us to will and to act according to his good pleasure (purpose); that is the beauty.

I am also remembering an American couple Nanda and I met in an Indian airport a couple of years ago. They told us with all their human compassion that we should “stop trying to change people, to let them [Nepali people] be who they want to be and live in peace.” Well, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I am thinking now how so very thankful I am that there was one man 21 years ago who was bold enough to give my husband a Gospel tract. That tract turned out to be his first link to Jesus and the life that He now lives. That slip of paper changed his life, and pointed us toward our life together here in Nepal. My husband now walks hours to remote villages to teach poor, uneducated Nepali pastors what He has come to know, and it began with one man who God used to change other people.

So, back to how He works in us for His will and good pleasure. I have learned a secret that is not really a secret at all. That is, if we fully consecrate our wills to the Father, and bring every thought captive and into obedience to Him, our emotions will follow. Simple. Now…to do it.

I pray that we will all be thankful for where the Lord has each of us and that we will take a moment to ask Him to guide us this hour and every hour for His will and purposes.

“The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.” Habakkuk 3:19

~ L

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Nepal update

Nanda is currently teaching Calvary Bible Training (CBT) in four locations in eastern Nepal. This makes 7 locations total since 2009. But it continues on from there. One location is being taught by two of the pastors who completed the first CBT in Nepal in 2009. The pastors who completed the training are teaching what they learned to their congregations. Some have formal churches, some meet in small rooms in their homes.

In May, Ps. Troy is planning a trip here and we will conduct a pastor’s conference here in Dharan. This will include all the pastors who will have completed or are currently doing CBT, which should be about 130.

Nanda and some of the CBT pastors who have been assisting Nanda with teaching other CBT’s, are interested to do some church planting in remote villages. They are currently praying for specific locations that the Lord has put on their hearts where there are no churches and very few Christians. They have recently evangelized in these villages, and need to plant churches to support the on-going efforts to build God’s kingdom.

Please be in prayer for CBT, for the May pastor’s conference, for the church planting vision, and for our housing project which is underway.

Personal note: I have learned a secret, which is not really a secret at all. If we consecrate our wills fully to the Father, and bring every thought captive and into obedience to Him, then our emotions will follow. Lord, give us strength to do it!

May we all be in God’s perfect will today,


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Protected: Giri Gazette Feb. 2012

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Calvary Bible Training is going extremely well. Nanda is teaching three locations presently. He just returned from one village and he is leaving tomorrow for another. Please pray for safety for he and the pastors traveling. Many of them walk 2-3 days to come for training.
Please also pray that the Spirit of Truth would teach all that they need to know.

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Russia Conference Update – November 5, 2011

I must say this has got to be one of the most powerful conferences I have ever been to when it comes to the Lord speaking to me through His Word & the various speakers. I went to give and teach and the Lord has used this to teach me and reaffirm my calling to me! I’m refreshed and ready to go.

My Russian has allowed me to go out on my own and travel to and from conference center by myself. Of course when you think you’ve “made it”, God likes to humble you. My first day here I was to meet everyone at the hotel for prayer (the Americans are staying at the Golden Ring Hotel but I chose to stay at church with some other Russians to save money and I like staying here anyways). Well somehow I misunderstood directions and walked a good 20 minutes in the wrong direction before stopping to ask a random Russian where the hotel was. I was way off and he wanted me to ride the bus with him. Well I knew at least where I was and the way back to the church so I declined. After getting back to the church, I was able to get ride with a missionary who happened to be at the church to there. I wasn’t too late and no one really worried…not sure if that is a sign they trust my Russian or just don’t care! Haha. I know my way around now and what buses to take so that saves on walking in cold.

I’ve also been blessed to hang out with a friend and mentor, Pastor Craig Hall from CC Fortuna CA. You can learn a lot from guys like him and he continues to inspire me to keep up with my Russian learning.

On the first day of the conference we watched a taped message from Pastor Rick Phelps from CC Lakewood, CA who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He has been at everyone of these conferences and is missing his first one. Very moving as he may be in Heaven soon. It reminded me of Paul’s final letter to Timothy and his last words. Please pray for him and his fellowship.

Tomorrow is last day of the conference and I’ll be teaching the morning devotional section so please pray for His Word to continue to move mightily. After the conference I will spend a day in Sobinka serving and sharing. That town is dear to my heart and the brothers and sisters there are becoming like family I have seen them so much now.

Keep praying, the prayers don’t go unnoticed!

~Mike Massey (Майк Мэсси)

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Back in Russia!

Well it is a blessing to once again be in Russia serving and teaching at the conference. I appreciate all those supporting in prayer and those that have given financially to help me come over. We are going through the book of Colossians this year. I will write more when I have time but as it is nearly 1 AM here I will sign off for now. Have had some adventures already that I will share soon! Слава богу.

~Mike Massey

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